12/5/19 SAC Agenda & 11/7/19 SAC Minutes

Jupiter Middle School

School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting

6:15 P.M. Thursday, December 5th, 2019    Room 145 - Follow the signs!




  1. Meeting Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance       Ms. Carly Springhetti


  1. Chairman’s Update                                                           Ms. Carly Springhetti
    1. determination of quorum
    2. by laws update


  1. Secretary’s Report- Minutes from Nov 7, 2019                Ms. Juanita Deal


  1. Principal’s Report                                                              Ms. Lisa Hastey


  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                            Ms. Patricia Kondenar


  1. PTO Report                                                                          Mrs. Pam Dei                       


  1. ELL Report                                                                          Mrs. Jody Nolf                     


  1. Old Business


  1. New Business


  1. Adjourn    


The next meeting will be January 9th, 2020

Future meeting dates:

Feb 6th

Mar 5th

Apr 2nd

May 7th

May 28th





 Thursday, November 7, 2019   

*Bylaws Committee – 5:30pm

*General Meeting - 6:15pm


Room 145 - Follow the signs



In attendance:  Jody Nolf, Juanita Deal, Carly Springhetti, Tara Rute, Kevin Costello, Laura Giarrusso, Lisa Hastey, Suzanne Rothman, Connor Johnston, Jennie Mergens, Ben Levkovitz, Rene Rivera, Jeanne Takeda, Maddie McCarthy, Melina Cortes, Chloe Shaffer, Jacquelyn Felipe Maldonado

Guest: Sarah Nouis



  1. Meeting Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance       Ms. Carly Springhetti


  1. Chairman’s Update                                                                 Ms. Carly Springhetti
    1. Determination of quorum
    2. By-laws update

Updates reviewed.

Motion to Approve changes as presented by Hastey, 2nd-Rivera.  Motion passed.


**Point of inquiry – Please add Student Report to agenda


  1. Secretary’s Report- Minutes from Oct 3rd, 2019                    Ms. Juanita Deal

Motion to approver minutes as presented by Hastey, 2nd Nolf. Motion passed.


  1. Principal’s Report                                                                   Ms. Lisa Hastey

                      Attached as provided.


  1. Treasurer’s Report                                                                  Ms. Patricia Kondenar

None provided.


  1. PTO Report                                                                              Mrs. Pam Dei                     

None provided.


  1. A+ Voting Results and Vote for Approval                

Presented by Springhetti and Giarrusso.

Motion to approve A+ division of funds by Deal, 2nd – Rute.

Motion passed.


  1. SAC Funding Request(s)
    1. Ms. Nouis on behalf of the Civics PLC - Request for $600 for annual USA Test Prep

                                          i.                   standards-based online platform designed to prepare students for the Civics EOC - supports the SIP goal for Civics

Motion to approve by Deal, 2nd – Giarrusso.  Motion passed.


    1. Mr. Santiago, Ms. Coffman, Mr. Deragon - Request for $750 for new Mobis

                                          i.                   these interactive tablets support teaching and learning in the 6th grade math classrooms - supports the SIP goal for math

Motion to approve by Hastey, 2nd by Takeda.  Motion passed.


    1. Mrs. Seligman, Mrs. Howell, Mr. Costello, Ms. Cullity - Request for $270 for annual Starfall membership

                                          i.                   an interactive software program designed to increase students’ reading level - supports the SIP goal for students with disabilities and English Language Arts (ELA)

Motion to approve by Rothman, 2nd by Rivera.  Motion passed.


  1. Old Business


Dress Code – Questions about dress code.  Suggested to create a school committee comprised of students, staff and parents to review.  Mergens and Costello volunteered to chair committee.


  1. New Business

Student report – attached as provided.


Soccer fundraiser – tomorrow at La Esquina Guatamalteca – all day.


Cheerleading team is selling Gratitude Grams.


  1. Adjourn   

Motion to adjourn at 7:05pm by Nolf, 2nd – Giarrusso.  Motion passed          


The next meeting will be December 5th, 2019

Future meeting dates:

Jan 9th

Feb 6th

Mar 5th

Apr 2nd

May 7th

May 28th



November Principal Report - SAC


5 Star School!

The Five Star School Award was created by the Commissioner's Community Involvement Council and is presented annually to those schools that have shown evidence of exemplary community involvement. In order to earn Five Star School recognition, a school must show documentation that it has achieved 100 percent of the established criteria in the following categories. Schools must also earn a grade of "C" or above, or school improvement rating of "maintaining or improving" for the year of nomination.


Business partnerships

Family Involvement


Student Community Service

School Advisory Councils


Thank you, Mrs. Kaphon!!


Softball and Baseball Teams

Parent Social Media Education Night

Culinary and Engineering Healthy Jupiter and Town of Jupiter grant for $2500 for Hydroponic garden

Choice Showcase at Florida Fairgrounds

School Level Science Fair – excellent quality

Green Apple Day of Service – Garden and Turtle Hall

6th grade Mariner Cruise Social

Education Foundation 5K – Keep on Track running group

Honor Roll Breakfasts

3 band students to state

Sailing to Success


Field trips to FAU

Tutorials are starting

Global Ed

Houston PD

Upcoming PD Day

Launch of Human Rights unit

Personnel Report:

Monse Da Silva – Treasurer

Josefina Guillen- Custodian

David Martinez – Lead Custodian

Megan Girard – DATA Counselor

Our students and stats in the upcoming season

44% served through the Free and Reduced Lunch Meal Program = 645 students out of 1468 students

Food for Families Drive – Student Council

Holiday Hope Project