6th grade Orientation - Welcome to JMS!

Jupiter Middle School – Information for Incoming 6th grade Students and Families

Welcome to Jupiter Middle School!  We are excited to welcome you to our school in August, 2020.   Although we were unable to host our annual 6th grade orientation this year, we have made it easy for you to get information about your new school.

1.  JMS Website and PowerPoint/pdf.

(Hint:  Download the pdf for correct formatting.)

2.  Map to SuccessOur annual Map to Success for Incoming 6th grade Students and Families is now a virtual event Wednesday, August 5.  This annual event serves as an Introduction to JMS.

No registration needed for virtual event.
Go to our website home page > links to videos will be posted on August 5 under Map to Success Program (jms.palmbeachschools.org)

Need more information?  Contact the Map to Success Coordinators:
Juanita Deal juanita.deal@palmbeachschools.org

Jennifer Cullity jennifer.cullity@palmbeachschools.org

Download the pdf for ease in viewing:

Jupiter Middle School Orientation for Incoming 6th grade Students and Families.pdf