Dress Code Updated August 6

Dress Code 2019-20.pdf
**Updated August 6, 2019**

Dress Code 

Jupiter Middle School
2019-20  Dress Code

 Updated August 6, 2019

ID’s must be worn at all times throughout the school day


In accordance with School Board Policy 5.182, ALL students are expected to come to school in the mandatory style of dress outlined below.  This dress code facilitates a safe, orderly, and productive educational program:



  • All pants must have a hem
  • No sweat pants, warm-ups, running pants, yoga pants, palazzo pants or leggings



  • All shorts must be no more than 5 inches above the kneecap
  • No sweat shorts, gym/athletic shorts
  • Shorts must fit appropriately



  • Must fit appropriately
  • Dresses must be one piece with collar and sleeves
  • Leggings can be worn UNDER a dress code appropriate dress or skirt
  • All lengths and slits must be no shorter than 3 inches above the kneecap when standing



  • No backless, strapless, open-toed shoes/slides or bedroom shoes
  • No platforms or heels greater than 2 inches




  • Shirts must have a collar with buttons
  • JMS-issued T-shirts are allowed
  • No sleeveless shirts/tops or shirts with cap sleeves
  • No pictures, symbols, signs or writing larger than a pocket-sized logo, no drug, alcohol, or other inappropriate references allowed.


  • Students may wear college T-shirts/sweatshirts or T-shirts deemed appropriate
  • Shorts, Pants and skirts remain the same Monday through Friday



“Attire” means clothing, headwear, jewelry, book bags, accessories or other articles of personal appearance.

We do not allow the following (per the Palm Beach County School District’s Student and Family Handbook (Policy 5:182):


  • Any pictures, images, symbols or language/words which are crude, vulgar, profane or inappropriate
  • Any symbols, mottoes or words which promote violence
  • Any pictures, images, symbols or drugs, alcohol or tobacco/e-cig/vape products
  • Attire associated with discrimination of any kind
  • Attire designed to be undergarments, such as boxes shorts or sleepwear
  • Clothing which is suggestive or revealing (such as clothing that exposes the midriff or undergarments, has plunging necklines, muscle tops or backless clothing, mesh/see-through or sheer clothing)
  • Attire which creates a disturbance or could be considered dangerous
  • Attire which presents a safety hazard, such as jewelry or clothing with spikes
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No bandanas or headwear which resembles bandana material on school grounds
  • No holes or exposed skin

All final decisions about dress code will be handled by JMST Administration.