Safety Procedures at Jupiter Middle

Jupiter Middle School (JMS)

15245 N. Military Trail, Jupiter, FL   ph: 561/745-7200

 Safety Procedures for After School Events

(Gym and Athletic Fields)


SDPBC Event Rules for All Attendees

All persons, bags and vehicles may be subject to search.

Clear bags - Only clear bags are permitted inside the event - All other bags or purses, with the exception of diaper bags, are prohibited.

Admission – No admittance after the start of the 2nd half of the final game.

No re-entry - If you exit, you may not return.

No loitering outside off the gym/stadium/school gates or in parking areas.

Exit the gym/field immediately at the conclusion of the final game.

Food/Beverages - No outside food or beverages may be brought into the event.

Conduct - Unruly conduct, disruptive behavior, use of profane, obscene or abusive language of any type will result in immediate removal from the event.

Inclement weather or emergency – In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, follow all instructions provided by law enforcement and/or school staff.

Middle School Events - If the event is held at a Middle School, the students, athletes and cheerleaders of the home school will use an alternative middle school entrance designated by the principal to the event and not through the public screening entrance; provided that:

  1. The athlete or cheerleader brought the backpack with them at the beginning of their school day, and
  2. The athlete or cheerleader has NOT left campus

Visiting team coaches/players/cheerleaders can enter through such entrance without having their bags checked provided they arrive directly from their school.

Spectators - All other attendees (parents, spectators, etc.) shall enter through the public entrance and are to be screened according to this policy.


Visiting Athletes, Coaches and Cheerleaders

Visiting teams (coaches, athletes and cheerleaders) should arrive using Central Blvd.  Head East on Dakota Drive to Jupiter Middle School (JMS).

Visitor Team Bus – Bus dropping off athletes, cheerleaders and coaches should use the Lighthouse Elementary School bus entrance (LES #2 heading east from Central Blvd).  Bus may park behind JMS school buses. 

Parents dropping off athletes should use Lighthouse Elementary School car parking lot (LES #1 heading east from Central Blvd).

Visiting Athletes, cheerleaders and coaches - Will be permitted to enter campus at the Lighthouse Elementary gate (LES Gate) and go to gym/field.  Athletes and cheerleaders must remain with their coach at all times. 


Visitors (including Parents and non-JMS students)

Visitors are encouraged to arrive at our school after 4:20pm (when car pick-up line traffic has slowed) and park in JMS front parking lot.  Look for signs.  See entry location on attached map.

Parents and visitors will not be permitted to enter campus until approximately 4:15pm.   Entry will only occur at the Visitor Gate (look for signs).

Entry into GymEveryone (JMS and non-JMS visitors) will enter the Gym through the doors by the bus loop.

Event on Athletic Fields:  Visitors enter through Visitor Gate as noted.  All of the above applies to all events on school campus.

No Parking in the JMS Bus Loop or Back Parking Lot.

No Parking in LES bus loop (LES #2) except for buses transporting visiting athletes.

Overflow parking will occur at Lighthouse Elementary (LES #1) as needed.  Use the sidewalk to go to the pedestrian gate (LES Gate) at our bus loop.  Easiest access for LES is Central Blvd > Travel East on Dakota > Enter LES at the main entrance to the school.

Visiting students (non-athletes) are not permitted to bring their backpacks.  There is no storage area.

No re-entry – If you exit the gym, you may not return.


End of Event

Visitors and athletes/cheerleaders must exit the gym and campus immediately following the conclusion of the game/second game.


Map of Jupiter Middle school showing parking lot and visitor entrance