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One nine weeks down!  During the second card marking, student will be learning about the forms of potential and kinetic energy, energy transformations, the Law of Conservation of Energy, heat transfer, waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum.  There are a couple of demo days on Energy Transformations and Heat Transfer late October/early November.  Be sure to ask about the Smashing Steel Spheres and the Soap Soufflé.

Students will perform two cool labs.  The first will show the energy transformation in an organism from chemical to thermal energy.  In the other lab, students will record the temperatures during heat transfer and graph the results.  

Finally, students will rotate among 9 stations during the Electromagnetic Exploratorium.  From walkie talkies to a Geiger counter, students will experience all 7 parts of the EM Spectrum for themselves.  For example, an infrared camera will take a "picture" of a thermal image to show the visible heat given off by objects.  At the ultraviolet station, students will make a bracelet from UV beads.  The Exploratorium allows students to learn the abstract concept of electromagnetic energy with a hands-on approach.  Exciting!